Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emerging from the Fog

The day after our 4 year anniversary, baby G decided to work her way into the world. And work her way in she did! I will spare the gorey details, but I certainly learned that mothers deserve to wear a  badge of courage for the whole labor and birthing process (and not to mention the breastfeeding battles that follow).   Baby G will be 4 months old on Friday, and I finally feel like things are coming into place.  Amongst the picture taking, family visiting, doctor appointments and the squeezing in of as much as possible into nap times; I was able to get back into exploring new recipes and crafts.  I thought I would never lift a finger again if it wasn't to change a diaper or hold a baby but alas new moms...the day will come when you can tackle a page of a scrapbook. 
Although it doesn't hold a candle to baby G, I am proud of my ever-increasing sewing skills.  I have made a few nursing covers now despite the fights my sewing machine puts up.  It is nice to put your mind to use doing something unrelated to baby. 
Inspired by meal enjoyed during a recent trip to visit family in Colorado, we attempted to make our own portabello burgers.  They turned out pretty good, although the texture is something to get used to.  First, coat the mushroom with olive oil and italian seasonings and grill.  Then add pepperjack cheese and fresh red pepper to a broiled kaiser roll with fresh spinach.  Yum!

As we have passed the milestone of 3 months, the usual time when working mothers decide to "get back to it" I feel so blessed to have been able to be at home for each precious moment with my little one.  I feel in my heart that I am not ready to leave her in someone else's care full time, and I've also learned that a peace of mind is a priceless gift.  I pray that the Lord would open doors to provide a flexible part time job for me as a pharmacist; one that allows me to be the kind of wife and mother I aspire to be but that also challenges me professionally and helps me to grow.  I am thankful that this little girl has stolen my heart and made it easy for me to see the investment which pays the highest returns.   

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